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Option C - Stay mobile and order a suitable rental wheel


  1. We will send you a steering wheel for rental.

  2. Use the enclosed DHL shipping slip and send us your steering wheel. Please note that the shipping document is only valid within Germany.

  3. Upon completion, we will send your refined steering wheel back to you.

  4. After installation, return the rental wheel within 14 days.

  5. Before shipping the wheel steering, you must pay a deposit based on the value of the steering wheel. After receiving our rental wheel, we refund the deposit immediately.




Your advantages

  • You keep your own steering wheel, but  still remain mobile.

  • There is no registration required in the vehicle registration (by TÜV, Dekra, GTÜ or KÜS).

  • 100% accuracy of fit is guaranteed, airbag and any existing multi-functions are easily connectable.




This option requires a double installation and removal.





Free shipping (Germany)!

Methods of payment

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