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Dividing lines

We distinguish between "straight" and "shaped" dividing lines. Dividing lines always arise where two different types of material must be connected together, e.g. Smooth leather - perforated leather or leather – Alcantara.

Straight dividing lines

Normally, such a dividing line is always executed in a circular shape, which then looks like a straight line on the steering wheel. This type of -"straight" dividing line is standard and included in the price.

Shaped dividing lines in parallel

In addition to the straight, we also offer a -"shaped"-- dividing line. Here you can individually determine the appearance of the dividing line. It usually emphasizes the sporty character of the steering wheel, but is associated with a higher workload and therefore more expensive.

Shaped dividing lines above

It is possible to make the formed parting line only at the upper part of the steering wheel. At the lower part of the steering wheel, the dividing lines are left straight. This variant is very classic classic and we recommend it.

Opposite shaped dividing lines

For opposite dividing lines, we make dividing lines at the top and at the bottom of the steering wheel, with the upper lines running horizontally and the lower ones vertically, so to speak. This creates a special design. . This variant is quite expensive to manufacture and is best suited for three-spoke steering wheels.

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