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How do I place an order?

Choose one of 3 possible (options) for your steering wheel:

Would you like to have your own steering wheel refined because you do not want to give up your own steering wheel as a part of your car? And you even like to accept that you cannot be mobile for a few days? Then select option A .

Would you like to buy a refurbished, identical steering wheel in exchange, because you do not need to have your original steering wheel back? Then select option B  (in replacement, that is, after conversion, return your existing steering wheel).

Would you like to have your own steering wheel refined because for you your steering wheel is a part of your car that you don’t want to give up? And at the same time, you cannot do without your car because you want to stay mobile? Then choose Option C  and order a rental steering wheel from us for the meantime.

No matter what option it should be: The editing does not limit the functionality of the steering wheel (airbag, multifunction, etc.), but increases the comfort. In addition, no registration in the vehicle registration is required (by TÜV, Dekra, GTÜ or KÜS), since the steering wheel construction is not touched. Your safety comes first for us.


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Methods of payment

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