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Leather in standard quality or professional quality?

meinlenkrad news


From your mails, we often read out the question by what exactly our standard quality leather differs from the one in professional quality.

In this news article we have compiled the most important information on this topic for you so that you can make your choice easier in the future.

50% discount on all our modifications

50% Rabatt

Dear steering wheel fans, soon the holidays will be back in sight and many of you probably have no idea what you could give your loved one this year.

And what is it about? That's why all our modifications cost half the price by the end of the year!

So 50% discount on flattening, thickening, sporty contours and much more!

A flattening costs for example 14,50 Euro instead 29,00 Euro - well if that isn’t a good price ...

We change our delivery address!


Dear customers, suppliers and partners
it is time! Our new delivery address in Dresden is now active! For all our customers, who have opted for a steering wheel refinement with us and want to send their steering wheel on the way to Dresden, the following delivery address now applies:

meinlenkrad GmbH
at Bosch Service Mezger
Wiener Straße. 45
01219 Dresden

How does a inside thickening for the steering wheel work?

The thickening from the inside is based on the fact that the steering wheel rim receives a greater extent from the inside out, but without increasing the overall circumference of the steering wheel. This modification requires a high level of skill and requires a lot of work and time. The result is incomparable. Let us convince you with an example.

Meinlenkrad on Youtube

Over time, we have collected so many customer questions that we have been pondering how to answer them best. And since we are always very pleased about the honest interest in our work, you can now also reach us on our own Youtube channel. Here we explain everything about steering wheel configuration, introduce news and of course answer all questions.
You can find the new channel of meinlenkrad here.

Skoda Superb

Dear Customers, we are pleased to announce a new material which is now available for refining your steering wheel: the Nappa RS. This leather is characterized by its high quality and is for those who treat their car only the best! For our photo session we have refined the steering wheel of a Skoda Superb II FL with a combination of a simple and perforated Nappa RS. The steering wheel has received a decidedly sporty character and was sewn with the performance stitch. Would you like to know more about the new Nappa RS? Contact us us or request a sample. We are happy to inform you.

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