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12 o'clock strip mark

Hereby we refer to an optical accentuation of your steering wheel. Normally, such a stripe mark is desired in the 12 o'clock position. This not only gives you an interesting eye-catcher, but also a marker for the center position of the wheels. Of course, we can attach the strip mark on request at any other point.

Simple 12 o'clock mark

The strip of a simple 12 o'clock mark is usually 0.8 - 1 cm wide and can consist of different materials and colours. Of course, all details such as colour, material, position and width are realized in consultation with you.

Three-coloured 12 o'clock mark

There are three colours to choose from for the three-coloured 12 o'clock marker. The stripes can be made of leather or Alcantara®. However, these materials cannot be mixed. Each strip is about 0.5 cm wide.

Diagonal 12 o'clock mark

The diagonal three-coloured 12 o'clock mark adds even more dynamism to your steering wheel. It is available to you on the same terms as the straight three-coloured 12 o'clock mark. Under Leather & Alcantara® you will find a selection of the possible colours.

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