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The history of making "meinlenkrad" is not the story of a single person or an ingenious businessman, who founded a factory for the modeling and leathering of steering wheels, but the story of a company that consists of a small group of dedicated and gifted people. Each of the participants has been involved in every step of this creative process right from the start.

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Our daily work consists not only of the modification of steering wheels, the preparation of the leather upholstery and the sewing of the same, but also in sharpening the eye for the many small details and mistakes, because we want to improve constantly.
It is important to us that we support each other. The processing of a steering wheel is a filigree and sometimes tricky work, in which even a detail can ruin the whole work. The way we manufacture steering wheels - each carefully checked and lovingly packaged - is the work that we are proud of.
The strength of "meinlenkrad" is that we always dare to create small works of art.



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Each order will be discussed as detailed as possible with the customer - by email or telephone. We always want to fulfil the customer's request as exactly as possible, so that the steering wheel looks in the end as the customer imagined. Immediately after the order confirmation, depending on option A, B or C, the practical implementation begins.

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The steering wheel first goes into our modeling workshop and is shaped by the hands of our design artists using a special modeling compound. Each design is created by hand without any template.

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In the next step, the steering wheel goes to the blank. Because we make each wheel custom-made, and do not use stencils and prepared covers, the material must always be cut to size by hand.

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Then the steering wheel comes into the sewing. Depending on which seam shape the customer has chosen, the material is first glued on and prepared for sewing. The sewing itself is a very demanding manual work, which requires a high degree of concentration and accuracy.

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The finished product must then undergo a very precise final inspection before it is released for shipping. Before the careful packaging, it is photographed and then goes on the way to the customer.


Although not quite complete, but actually those who refine your steering wheels.



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